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Piazza del Popolo

Sacile's main square, located in the heart of the city, was originally a trade centre for the river port of call. The land that slopes slightly to the south, still reveals the original purpose of the clearing, which was closed in the second half of the sixteenth century, when the port completely ceased its activity.

The perimeter of the square is bordered by a series of warehouse buildings dating back to the early decades of the seventeenth century (the period when the whole area was drained off and paved with stones and pebbles). These buildings are on three floors: the ground floor was dedicated to commercial activities, the first floor was used as the living quarters and the last was used as a store or barn.

The buildings could be accessed either from the square or the Livenza river, thanks to the pier. In the eighteenth century, following the prevalence of residences over other functions, these buildings underwent interior renovation.
Today, Piazza del Popolo with its new paving is even more refined and elegant as only a square in the "Giardino della Serenissima" or “Garden of the Venetian Republic” can be.

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